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MiniPro Leather Repair Kit

Price: $259.95

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Item Number: LM-2002
Please allow 2-5 business days for processing

Designed for the light duty professional or serious amature, this kit will provide you with all of the necesssary materials and equipment to complete professional repairs to almost any situation you might encounter. With ten different colors of Color Coat, you will be able to mix virtually any color that you need. Graining options are greatly increased by means of additional materials and techniques. A detailed instruction Guide and Color Mixing Guide are both included as well as a video demonstrating the processes and techniques you will be using. Perfect for those interested in starting your own professional service without spending tons of money!

This kit contains:

10- 4oz. bottles of Color Coat 1-4oz. Flattening Paste 1- 4oz Slip Additive
1- 2oz Repair Compound Sandpaper Sub Patch Material
Leather Insert 1- Pallette Knife Scissors
Tweezors 2- PreVal Spray Units 1- 4oz. Spray Grain
1- 4oz. Leather Prep 1- 6oz. Empty Bottle 1- 4oz. Leather Conditioner
1- .5oz. Leather Adhesive Foam Applicator Brush Latex Gloves
Detailed Instruction Guide   Demonstration Video

The Leather Magic Leather Repairt Kit has greatly simplified the process of Leather Repair. The repair compounds are safe to use and have been developed to provide you with State-of-the-Art repair compounds that truly make permanent repairs to damaged Leather. Here are some of the benefits of Leather Magic!:

  • The process is extremely simple. No special tools or skills are needed. Complete, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions are included.
  • No heat or harsh chemicals are used to make repairs with this kit, thus avoiding any further damage to the surrounding leather.
  • All repair materials are water based. The materials dry naturally or may be dried using a hair drier. These Repair Compounds are formulated to permanently adhere to the leather.
  • When dry, the repair compound remains soft and flexible to retain the natural look and feel of leather. The compounds are also sandable (once dry) so that making an attractive repair is now easier than ever before.
  • Nine colors of Color Coat are included to make it possible to match any color simply by mixing the compounds together. Complete color matching instructions are included in the kit.
  • The Leather Magic Leather Repair Kit uses State-of-the-Art Technology to provide the means to make the types of repairs to leather that we have all been searching for. No other repair kit can compare to the quality and durability that you will achieve with this kit.
  • A Technical support "hot line" is available to answer any questions you may have, or help you with a problem.

The repair of leather has traditionally, been a highly controversial and misunderstood subject. Most people do not even realize that leather can be repaired. But leather has been successfully repaired and refinished by a select few professionals for many years. Their secrets have been well guarded, and the development of technology has remained within this small group. Until now! New developments in chemistry and methods has enabled the average person to make their own repairs successfully. Leather, by its very nature, is a natural product and therefore must be treated much differently than other forms of upholstery material such as vinyl. Leather cannot be repaired or treated in the same manner or with the same materials as vinyl. These are two totally different materials and require totally different methods of care. If you have vinyl materials to repair, please check out our Vinyl Repair kits.

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